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Home Watch Service

What We Do

TaY’s Home Watch division will complete a 40+ customizable comprehensive checklist at each visit which includes both exterior and Interior inspections of your property. We use a state of the art reporting software which is the only Home Watch software endorsed and affiliated with the National Home Watch Association. Click here to see a quick video on the Home WatchIT software.

Our reports are sent via PDF or web link and include a verified GPS time & date stamp as well as annotated photos of any areas of concern. This can be extremely important if you ever have to deal with your insurance company or law enforcement. 

In addition, we will also ensure that any service maintenance scheduled is being completed such as, landscaping, pool services, trash or linen pick-up, etc.

Insurance companies are cracking down on second homeowners by having clauses in their policies regarding absentee periods over 30 days. Did you know that failure to have a professional examine and document the condition of your property every 14 days during your extended absence may result in an insurance claim denial. Some insurance carriers may offer a discount if you can confirm you have a home watch company managing your property. Check with your insurance agent to see if our services can save you money!.

Vacant homes face a greater risk of loss than occupied homes. A broken pipe or faulty hot water heater could go undetected for days, causing major damage. A vacant home is more vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. Also, when no one is around to monitor the premises, your potential liability increases. 

Who Our Clients Are

Part-time (Absentee) Home Owners
Along with our regular inspections, we can meet with anyone and coordinate anything you need while you are away. Whether its receiving an important package or meeting with a contractor to get a bid or finish off a project, we can be there for you. We can be you, when you are not here.

Absentee Home Sellers
As if moving isn't stressful enough, worrying about your vacant home can be a burden. We can ensure your home stays fresh and marketable by offering you a touch up service that includes vacuuming your carpet, sweeping your front porch and wiping down your appliances and all counter tops. If your windows need cleaning or you need other services to keep your home looking its best, we will let you know. Additionally, we will make sure all your lighting is in working order so that your property will show its best.TaY’s Home Watch division will work with closely with you and/or your realtor to maintain your home for showings. We will monitor your vacant home while it is on the market so you can settle into your new place.

New Home Buyers
Just purchased your new home, but you are not moving in right away? We can be your eyes and ears on your property until you move in. We will coordinate with your movers, painters, cleaners, utility companies, pool service, pest control, landscapers and anyone else you request. The last thing you need when you get to your home is a big surprise you were not expecting.

TaY stands for "Thinking About You", giving you piece of mind that a dedicated professional will be keeping an eye on your home while you’re away.

Just as each home is unique, so too are the home watch services your home may require. Let TaY Lifestyle Management customize your home service checklist to meet your needs. 

TaY’s Home Watch Services are priced based on the number of inspections per month and the additional services requested. 

Contact us today to schedule and an in-home consultation and receive your FREE QUOTE.

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