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Defining Lifestyle Management

The terms lifestyle management and concierge refer to the outsourcing of personal and business tasks. Lifestyle managers or personal concierges complete tasks that our clients are unwilling or unable to carry out themselves. 

At TaY Lifestyle Management we know time is of the essence for our clients, we provide unparalleled lifestyle support for day-to-day errands, business services, event planning, senior services, moving & relocation services plus a plethora of other services that help you seize your day. 

TaY is an acronym for "Thinking About You", and in a modern world which is constantly changing, always fast paced and more stressful than ever, we all need a bit of support. Let's face it, life is all about balance, and sometimes it can be a juggling act fitting it all in.

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Get To Know Us

Lynne D'Eramo

Founder | Operator


As with most of us, Lynne struggles with work – life balance, Lynne's passion, creativity, exceptional organizational skills and outstanding customer service background have inspired her to help others


Lynne’s passion is to create effective, organized systems in order to make more time for the passions and people we love most. Whether it’s organizing, running errands, or planning a move, she is extremely eager to help others make more time to enjoy their own lives before time and opportunity passes by. She brings an uncanny level of enthusiasm, high energy, and inspiration to every project she takes on and refuses to settle for less than stellar customer service.

Lynne embraces life and finds happiness in every moment. Being able to help others do the same is a true passion and adds to her own happiness. To Lynne, strangers are simply friends she just hasn't met yet.

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