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Prepping for Easter

Nothing says springtime quite like egg hunts and Easter bunnies. Easter seems to pop up out of nowhere, and leave us wondering how it crept up on us so fast.

If you don’t want to be caught off guard by the Easter holiday this year, we can help!

  • Easter baskets: We love to shop for and assemble Easter baskets for the little ones in your life. We’ll even make ones for the adults too.

  • Egg decoration: Let us find the best Easter egg dyes and decorations for you and your family. We’ll also pick up the pre-cooked eggs if you don’t have time to boil them.

  • Easter festivities: Hosting or going to an Easter meal or party? We can help arrange a caterer, shop for the meal, buy decorations and even pick out the perfect hostess gift.

  • Brunch, lunch or dinner: Want to eat out? We’ll make the restaurant reservations for you.

  • Egg hunts: Not sure where all the local eggs hunts will be hosted? We’ll find them for you.

Contact the TaY Lifestyle Management team to make this Easter the best one yet.

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