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Personal Concierge – Your Second You

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal concierge?

Busy lifestyles and the increasing number of baby boomers have also seen the increase in the demand in hiring an errand runner. Home-based and smaller business, clinics, and even shops are also looking for reliable errand running services who can assist them with simple errands like pick-ups and deliveries.

Just a couple of errands removed from your plate will save you precious hours (and frustration) in accomplishing them.

Typically, errand running jobs often involve everyday chores like picking up or delivering packages, shopping and delivering groceries, walking the dog, etc.

Why use a personal concierge?

Depending on your need, you can hire a personal concierge to do most chores for you. You can hire them per hour or by a membership for several hours throughout the month. You then can get your errands done while letting you focus on your work or giving yourself time to relax.

There are several types of services a personal concierge may complete such as:

Senior Concierge Service

Why seniors? Simply put, they are less able to run around to do their errands because of their age or illness, and often prefer to spend their time at home. Common senior concierge services include Common senior errand services include: shopping for their groceries weekly, picking up their medications, mail sorting and organizing, and arranging appointments.

Personal Concierge for Businesses

Businesses, real estate offices and local shops, especially smaller ones, are always on the lookout for someone who can help with the errands needed to be done in the office.

Most common business-related errands are: sending and receiving packages and mail, delivering meals and snacks, office supplies shopping.

Most individuals who have a hectic schedule and have to juggle their time with work and family obligations, seek help from personal concierges. In doing it enables them to focus on their work or themselves after work. Common personal errand running services include: party or event preparation/execution, grocery shopping, dry-cleaning pickup and drop-off, laundry, mail delivery or pickup, house sitting, pet sitting, dog walking or trips to the veterinarian, basic house maintenance, decluttering and organization, gift shopping and wrapping. meal purchase and deliveries. Moving services: packing or unpacking, pickup and delivery of vehicle for car wash or repairs.

In Home Wait Service

For most people who have to be at work at a certain time, waiting at home for the plumber, cable guy, or repairmen is not an option unless you want to take time off. However, this should not block you from getting the services you need. Hiring a personal concierge in this case can help you a great deal.

For example, when you hire a repairman to arrive at a certain time, you can have your personal concierge arrive before you leave and have them wait for the repairman to arrive and stay there until he leaves. For people who cannot afford to miss a day–or even a few hours–off of work, this is a great alternative.

Remember your personal concierge is your second you , someone who can help you take care of the details of life when you just don’t have the time or the desire to do it.

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